February Edition 2023

13 Israel has company – other notably hot jurisdictions number of interesting Israeli companies that are active in this space.” The second-largest investment raised by an Israeli food tech start-up (announced in early 2022) was USD 120 million for Remilk, a developer of animal-free milk and dairy, using a yeast-based fermentation process to produce milk proteins. The investment was the single largest in a cow-free dairy company to date. As Shabot adds: “We are seeing dairy clients making inquiries and interested in making investments in this space. Even more so than the soy- and almond-based products, real milk alternatives have the potential to truly disrupt, in a good way, the world’s food chain.” “In addition to Israel, clients are exploring jurisdictions such as Canada, Portugal, Holland and the U.S. These countries are attractive to clients and other stakeholders, largely due to relatively relaxed local regulatory restrictions that are in place,” says Amir-Yaniv of Arnon, Tadmor-Levy, while Rom of Gornitzky adds: “California, Netherlands and France are all strong and