February Edition 2023

As the world confronts the ongoing war in Ukraine, the contribution of food production towards greenhouse gas emissions, and the logistical challenges that have persisted since the outbreak of Covid, we take a deep dive into the Foodtech and AgTech landscape. In the latest edition of IsraelDesks magazine, a range of domestic and international law firms talk to us on the current trends, deals, investments and key players in the field - considered a top priority for many. From alternative protein to disrupting the traditional dairy industry, Israel is considered a pioneer, but where do we go from here? In a separate feature, we also learn from Lipa Meir & Co. about key cybersecurity issues and trends in the health sector. Much has been written about Israel’s growing trade with the Gulf States following the signing of the Abraham Accords in 2020, but next door, Cyprus has been moving along steadily for some time.We catch up with AGP Law Firm, and Elias Christou Legal Services to shine a light on our close neighbor. In a market where there are more lawyers per capita than anywhere else on Earth, it is not surprising there has been a spate of law firm mergers in Israel, but none more so than recently.We speak to Dr. Ayal Shenhav about the merger between Goldfarb Seligman and his firm, Gross, which together have become the largest law firm in Israel. We ask where is this trend headed. Meanwhile, a decade has passed since Israeli legislation allowed foreign law firms to open in israel. We take a look at how and why this has expanded dramatically ever since. Lee Saunders, Editor IsraelDesks