February Edition 2023

22 Which major events should Israeli or Cypriot investors should be aware of for networking or thought leadership? Which do your clients like to attend? Elias Christou: “Cyprus and Israel share a long history of bilateral relations which have grown even stronger in recent years following the signing of The East Med gas pipeline agreement in 2020.” Together with Greece, Cyprus and Israel are working together on natural gas pipeline projects. Cyprus, Greece and Israel have agreed to build the world's longest and deepest underwater power cable that will traverse the Mediterranean seabed and link their electricity grids. The project, called the EuroAsia interconnector, is expected to be completed by 2024. The inauguration ceremony on the start of the construction works of Interconnector was held in October 2022 at the Presidential Palace in Nicosia. Elias continues: “It is well known that the two countries collaborate mainly on military, security, tourism, and more recently on the growing FinTech Industry. The Chambers of Commerce in Israel and the Chambers of Commerce in Cyprus are both very active and regularly hosts each other’s business delegations. In fact, we attended an event earlier, hosted by the Cyprus-Israel Business Association on the topic of Israel’s leading position in Artificial Intelligence in the region.”