February Edition 2023

26 work outbound from Israel and inbound into Israel.The combinedfirm includes a group of over 100 attorneys (of which over 40 are partners). This group has decades of experience including many partners who practiced in leading global law firms before moving or coming back to Israel. The firm represents a large number of startups, publicly traded companies, investment funds and international investors playing in each area of international practice.“ Nishlis notes that the Israeli legal market has seen many mergers over many years. The merger phenomenon is not new. Notable mergers in the past include Goldfarb with Seligman, Meitar with Leshem, Meitar with Kantor, Gross Hodak Greenberg with Kleinhendler Halevy and more. In recent years we see larger mergers as Israeli law firms have grown. In the past most mergers were between large firms (over 200 lawyers) and small / medium size firms (20 –80 lawyers). Now we see mega mergers. In March 2022, another mega merger. Yigal Arnon and Tadmor Levy merged, with a synergy of the two firms creating a strong force on the Israeli legal scene. In announcing the merger, the merged firm’s management said: “This is Israel’s largest ever law firm merger.” Until now. The trend of mergers between law firms has in recent years led to the disappearance of medium-sized firms, with these changes stemming from the understanding that business continuity requires change and joining firms together provides the "One Stop Shop" and a variety of services for clients and will be beneficial to attract high-quality personnel and for large clients. In December 2022, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hachohen & Co. announced its merger with Tulchinsky Marciano Cohen Levitski & Co, with approximately 180 lawyers, with offices in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Beer Sheva and Sydney, Australia. This merger boosted the firm’s presence in the technology & life sciences sectors, expanding the firm's commercial offering in the VC and high-tech sectors, among many others. In recent years, Hamburger Evron merged with Erdinast Ben Nathan, Toledano & Co.; S. Friedman & Co. merged with EfraimAbramson, the Fisher law firm added the Zeev Hollander firm, and the Eitan Mehulal firm broke up and its lawyers split between Fischer, Gornitzky, Barnea Jaffe Lande and Naschitz Brands Amir.