February Edition 2023

37 We’ve got a knack for this. With a jam-packed team of media, business and legal experts, we find ourselves at the forefront of legal comms and marketing.Workingwith leading domestic and international lawfirms across 14 jurisdictions, we are not only attuned to the latest market trends and the challenges faced, we also know how you can prepare for these. We pride ourselves in collaborating with outstanding lawyers worldwide; we recognize what motivates them and can pinpoint the imminent opportunities in the sector. Nishlis Legal Marketing is more optimistic than ever before! With 2023 underway, our experts are eager to share their insights and predictions. Will 2023 be your breakthrough year? Idan Nishlis, CEO There will always be turbulence within the legal sector. With good planning however, any crisis can be anticipated and managed. By taking the time to reflect, plan and adapt, you are putting your firm into an excellent position to help deal with anything that is thrown at it. Let 2023 be your breakthrough year! To name a couple, in-person networking and business development have been gradually returning to pre-pandemic levels and this carries many implications, however this also creates many opportunities. • Law firms that have adjusted to a digital-first marketing strategy are seeing results • In a digital and online world, there is more data to analyze (which can lead to more opportunities) and more of a firms’ lawyers can now be engaged in the marketing and business development of the firm, as they are more attuned to online networking and connectivity Expert Insights - Key trends for 2023