September Edition 2019

With Israelis havinggone to thepolls again, for the second time infivemonths, we take a look at one of the vitally significant issues affecting the electorate - infrastructure.With projects amounting to hundreds of billions of shekels, we speak to a number of key experts about the latest trends in the market and the soaring appeal to foreign investors of transport, energy, desalination and other types of projects. In this third edition of Israel Desks, we also share you with insight into Israel's strong relationship with China and the challenges this brings in the current political-economic climate, as well as show you some of the key international firms operating in China. IsraelDesks is our bi-monthly magazine focused on bringing Israeli law firms and international law firms with Israel Desks closer together. Innovative and international in outlook, this magazine focuses on the cutting-edge sectors, looks at increasingly prominent jurisdictions, gets to know prominent General Counsel, and introduces you to who you need to know to help your clients. Lee Saunders, Editor Israel Desks Industry Focus | Infrastructure Jurisdiction in the Spotlight | China Recent Market Trends | The Government's Influence in China GC in the Spotlight | Michal Arlosoroff - SVP, General Legal Counsel, Company Secretary & Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, Adama From One Desk to Another » » IsraelDesks News from Around the Globe » » IsraelDesks News from Israel » » Roundup of Market Trends and News from Israeli Financial Press July-September 2019) Table of Contents 04 12 22 26 30 MAY THIS SWEET YEAR BE ONE TO SAVOR !