February Edition 2023

39 Why does global Business Development matters in a volatile world and global recession? As we emerged from 2022, we find ourselves at a crossroads. We believe strategic reviews should not be reserved only for times of trouble. Here, we provide 5 tips on how to scale up your business in choppy waters. • Training and educating your global team 1. Culture eats strategy for breakfast – Make sure you know and understand the country and its personal business ethics and habits. 2. LawFirmsdon’t goglobal –Lawyersdo! –Trainyour teamtodevelop a global mindset which will lead to a global network and pipeline (International conferences, roundtable discussions, professional articles). 3. Personal coaching to break any glass ceiling. • Execution is everything – Make sure you have the best human capital possible to explore global challenges, understanding the market trends, looking for a new funnel globally. • New Era – New Rules – adopt a business strategy that is also agile to market changes. 1. Customers success – build a strong connection with existing clients, reach out to them, and offer them support and help with their business challenges. 2. New reach outs every month on a Quarterly basis – try to make sure to have at least 2-3 new leads every month. 3. Social Media exposer (LinkedIn, FB, Instagram, Twitter) – make sure to be there with your deal flow, professional articles, and other engaging, high-impact pieces, etc. 4. Exploring the Referral network – Target your markets and stay connected to all law firms within your tier to make sure referrals will come your way on a regular basis. • Know your global ecosystem – Get involved! If you have a particular international specialty, such as Capital markets, Fintech, Life Sciences, etc. make sure to stay connected to that particular global ecosystem to stay up to speed with new trends, conferences, companies, business communities. Setting your global benchmark in today’s world seems to be the right thing to do and to follow.