February Edition 2023

42 There will always be routine content showcased but corporate clients will expect more high-impact content to capture their attention in the labyrinth of LinkedIn. High-impact will include displaying milestone transactions and precedential cases but briefly and clearly explaining why. Humans work with Humans Lastly, don’t be afraid to show empathy and human-focused content. Many law firms have often struggled with showing their human side to their audience. But with users increasingly turned off by overly promotional content that reads like advertising, remaining authentic and human is more important than before. Following COVID-19, clients want genuine connections, as well as the vital commercial, legal and technical knowhow. With the next generation of clients and decision-makers interested in the myriad of global challenges we face, it will be important to genuinely highlight social responsibility in your content – including environmental initiatives, social equality, and much more. Long-awaited directory submission changes bound to have positive firm impact Adina Cutler, Head of Submissions Department After years of working with the most sophisticated, international legal directories, we at Nishlis Legal Marketing are pleased to report that at long last we are witnessing some impactful changes that actually make a significant difference to law firms. Gone are the days where changes were minor and limited to research form tweaks and small moves within ranking tables. The Nishlis team is particularly pleased to see an expansion in practice areas and jurisdictions covered. It’s fantastic to see that Editors are incorporating and considering those countries that have now established their legal and business markets. An item that was being considered for a while, which will please law firms, is the expansion of sub-category practice rankings. Conversations have highlighted that directory researchers are also looking to deepen their understanding of firms participating in the research to understand their efforts inpromotingEDI (Equality,Diversity and Inclusion). With that in mind, and we can hardly contain our joy, firms are now being