February Edition 2023

41 2. Social media direct messaging (DM) and chats are now the top method of engagement. Direct messaging via social media and chat groups will grow further and is seen as an acceptable way to reach out to stakeholders. Pointers: If your team members are new or not active on social media, provide workshops for them to teach them how to engage their audience through social media platforms. Ask: How can I engage and connect with relevant audiences on social media to help me stay informed about trends in my industry? 3. Pick personal over bulk email marketing.No, email marketing is not dead. But if you want to connect with your clients on a more personable level, use social media platforms to humanize the tone of your content. Pointers: Nobody wants to see a self-promotional message, but most will appreciate informative industry trends and developments (that also show off your expertise.) Ask: Is the language I use natural and transparent? Does my content tell a story that evokes emotions and is relatable? Do you appreciate and thank your team? If you have any questions about any of the above, get in touch via my DM. (See what I did there?) Content Trends for 2023 Lee Saunders, Head of English Content Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out in 2023, there are a few trends relating to content for law firms to be aware of. Lights, Camera, Action While video has often been king in many industries – with users watching a 19 hours of video content each week – but in the legal industry, it appears to be largely untapped by most. Expect to see more short, insightful videos on a range of platforms this year. Short-form video is great for your brand. You can produce more content in less time—plus, viewers are more likely to engage with a shorter video that gets straight to the point. High-Impact Content