Israel Desks - Your First Destination in Israel

Israel Desks has become the most extensive site about Israel desks of international law firms. Bringing together Israeli and International law firms focused on Israel to network, exchange knowledge and create opportunities for Israeli clients abroad. Israel Desks has become more than a directory. It is a platform that centralizes data and insights and distributes it to the most relevant target in the market. For the first time, Israeli law firms are exposed to all of the International law firms with an Israel focus and can see the full picture in regards to practice areas and key jurisdictions in a searchable and user friendly website. Israeli law firms send out referrals on an ongoing basis to law firms, mostly in the main global markets. Israel Desks has been a game changer in that regards. It is used as an efficient tool to send out referrals to law firms in locations less known, due to the fact that it allows firms to locate a destination and find law firms with an Israel practice at those locations. Israel’s leading law firm’s have acknowledged Israel Desks as the most up-to-date resource in regards to law firms with Israel focus around the world and Israel Desks is shaping up to be an essential tool for marketing and business development in Israel. If you are an international law firm with an Israel focus, Israel Desks is Your first destination in Israel.