IsraelDesks League Tables: Methodology

Legally Israel asks international law firms with either formal or informal Israel practices to submit work matters from the previous calendar year to highlight their involvement in and understanding of the Israeli market.

Deals or Cases
For the matter to meet our criteria, the client must be headquartered in Israel or outside of Israel, as long as the client has Israeli owners. In the deals or cases submitted, the law firm must represent either:

a) the Israeli client or
b) be involved in a deal where one of the main parties is Israeli-headquartered or Israeli-owned.

This information is collected and collated into a separate league tables for each of the practice areas or sectors. These will be for two tables: VOLUME (number of mandates or instructions in this given area) and, where relevant, VALUE (the total amount in USD of transactions submitted).

All entries verified by press releases, news sources and our own independent research to see if the client is Israeli and the deals relate to the timeframe.

Matters relate to the full calendar year – can be ongoing or completed.

Practice Areas/Sectors
To date, this list of practice areas or sectors includes: (1) M&A; (2) High-Tech; (3) Capital Markets; (4) Private Equity & Venture Capital; (5) Intellectual Property; (6) Employment; (7) Litigation/Arbitration; (8) Real Estate and (9) Cannabis.

Ranked Individuals:

We reviewed the firms’ submissions and sent a list of leading individuals to the highest profile lawyers in Israel, asking them to identify those Leading, Recognized, and Notable practitioners abroad, who take a proactive, instrumental and hands-on role with respect to Israel. In addition, we have highlighted in our editorial recommended lawyers who have been active on various Israel related matters throughout the year.

Editorial and Confidential Information
All ranked law firms will receive supporting editorial.

Will be treated as such 100% and will not be shared or published in any editorial. Only public information only used in supporting editorial.

If the matter is confidential, a short call with the lawyer or email to the client merely to verify that the matter took place would be sufficient for its inclusion.

A law firm’s submission is stored securely on a private secure internal drive accessible only to management.

Law firms are free to choose which practice areas or sectors to submit content for, and having done so, they enter this content into an Excel spreadsheet template and email the submission to Israel Desks.

Any further questions, please email Lee at